Calendar 2010: Women astronomers who made history


calendario_bModern astronomy cannot be understood without the extraordinary work of all those women who, thanks to their dedication and love for science, have left us their legacy. While a well-documented history of the role of women in astronomy is scarce, various observatories and universities around the world show that many women, through their paid or unpaid work, have significantly contributed to shape our current vision of the Universe.


The initiative to produce this calendar was taken by the Ella es una Astrónoma group in Spain.


With this calendar we aim to help reconstruct the history of women in astronomy, which, as in other fields of knowledge, is poorly known. We have highlighted exceptional women whose contributions to the advancement of science deserve to transcend anonymity and occupy a place in history. We have tried to give visibility and to value the contributions of women astronomers from different epochs and countries. Of course, the selection presented in this calendar is not exhaustive; the list does not end here. Many projects developed by 'She is an Astronomer' teams in different countries have expanded and will continue to expand this work to produce a more complete view of the contributions of women to the history of astronomy.


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Low resolution calendar in English

High resolution calendar in English


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