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Indian Institute of Astrophysics

Bangalore, India
Job Title: Reader


'She is an Astronomer': How long is it since you got your maximum academic degree?

Annapurni Subramaniam: 12 years.

SIAA: Do you feel it was more difficult for you to get a job or a promotion in comparison with male astronomers?

AS: No.

SIAA: Are women under-represented in your institution?

AS: To some extent.

SIAA: What is your family status?

AS: I'm married with two children and elderly parents.

SIAA: Have you had career breaks?

AS: Yes, one year after my first child was born and three months after my second child was born.

SIAA: How difficult did you find the return to your work?

AS: It was difficult to meet demands and targets initially.

SIAA: How many hours per day do you normally dedicate to work?

AS: 7 - 8 hours

SIAA: What wouldmost help you advance your career?

AS: Providing support to stay connected and providing flexible timings

SIAA: What recommendation would you make to young women starting their career in astronomy?

AS: Break the work into smaller modules and complete each as and when you get time. By making the breaks, one gets to complete the work even if you don’t get a long uninterrupted duration to spend on the work/project. Explain to the family members about your work in a captivating way. This will not only educate them, but also will help to make them cooperative with your schedules.