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Indian Institute of Astrophysics

Bangalore, India
Job Title: Associate Professor



She is an Astronomer: How long is it since you got your maximum academic degree?

G.C. Anupama: 19 years. I am currently Associate Professor at the Institute. In addition, I edit the Journal brought out by the Astronomical Society of India, the Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India. I am serving as the editor since 2004.


SIAA: Do you feel it was more difficult for you to get a job or a promotion in comparison with male astronomers?

GCA: I did not have any difficulty in getting a job, or subsequent promotions in comparison with my male colleagues.


SIAA: Are women under-represented in your institution?

GCA: I am not sure if I can say women are under-represented in my institution as it has the maximum number of women astronomers in the country. However, it is a fact that women, in general are under-represented in this area of research in the country.


SIAA: What is your family status?

GCA: I am married, with no children, with elderly parents. I have been extremely fortunate to have a very supportive family.


SIAA: Have you had career breaks?

GCA: No.


SIAA: How many hours per day do you normally dedicate to work?

GCA: 7-8 hours. More when required.


SIAA: What recommendation would you make to young women starting their career in astronomy?

GCA: Enjoy your research and be passionate about it. Be sure and convinced about whatever decisions you take in your life.